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Goals and Vision

PACE is among the top echelon of non-profit groups focused on CPAE/PANS research nationwide and indeed globally.  PACE brings together its partners to support researchers and accelerate science to develop new advanced treatment therapies. Advancements will continue to be achieved from the Foundation’s devotion to its ongoing goals.

  • Assist Medical Universities

    Aid in establishing the CPAE/PANS multi-discipline clinical model in top universities across the country.

    Current CPAE/PANS Clinics 2020:

    • University of Arizona - Tucson
    • University of Wisconsin - Madison
    • University of Arkansas
    • University of California - Los Angeles
    • Banner Children’s Hospital (Affiliated with University of Arizona)
    • Stanford University (CPAE/PANS Research Partner)
    • Harvard University (CPAE/PANS Research Partner)
  • Produce Clinical Trials

    Assist CPAE/PANS Consortium university medical centers to provide evidence-based data on the effectiveness of current and future treatment protocols.

  • Provide Funding

    Continue to secure funding from donors and sponsors to address patient needs, including continuity of medical care with patient’s pediatrician post CPAE care.

  • Create a Network of Clinics and Centers

    Our goal is to have networks across the US where children affected with post infectious autoimmune Neurological Disorders will be treated and where researchers and physicians can collaborate on best practices, research, treatments, etc.

  • Education and Outreach Programs

    Provide current education and outreach programs to the medical community to broaden the understanding of PANS/PANDAS, etc.

  • Provide Treatment Options

    Promote, participate in and assist with research to provide physicians improved diagnostic and treatment options.

  • Develop Policies

    Monitor and develop public policy programs focusing on issues such as insurance reimbursement, patient confidentiality, safety and availability of IVIG therapy and maintain and enhance patient access to treatment options.

Our Story

The PACE Foundation has made amazing strides in a very short amount of time, thanks to the relentless efforts and charitable donations of so many people across the country.

  • 2014: Met with the National Institute of Health (NIH)

    to begin collaboration on developing multi-discipline clinics based on published PANS/PANDAS diagnosis and treatment guidelines.

  • 2015: Joined with AZ Legislature

    to establishment Arizona House Committee on CPAE Disorders and with AZ Department of Health to develop state healthcare webpage about CPAE disorders.

  • 2016: Helped establish the CPAE/PANS Center of Excellence

    at Banner-University of Arizona in Tucson to provide world-class multi-discipline diagnosis, treatment, research and physician education in a leading medical university environment.

  • 2017: Initiated and partnered with Arizona Medicaid (AHCCCS)

    to expand insurability of treatments prescribed by CPAE Centers and Clinics.

  • 2018: Helped create a second Arizona CPAE clinic

    at Banner-Cardon Children’s Hospital in Phoenix to treat growing demand for clinical treatment of children affected with post infectious autoimmune encephalopathy.

  • 2018: Partnered with the existing PANS clinic at Stanford University

    to expand multi-discipline clinical research and treatment protocol.

  • 2019: Promoted Creation Of A PANS/CPAE Clinic At The University Of Wisconsin

    as regional clinical center for multi-discipline university based treatment and research for CPAE disorders.

  • 2019-2020: Collaborated with Octapharma

    to launch the first-ever global pediatric IVIG study for the postinfectious autoimmune encephalitis neurological disease.  Current CPAE/PANS Clinics (U of A, Stanford, UCLA, University of Wisconsin, Harvard University, University of Arkansas and Banner Desert) are participants in this global clinical trial.

  • 2020: Promoted Creation of a CPAE Clinic at the University of Arkansas

    as the nation’s leading model of university based collaboration for postinfectious disorder research.

  • 2020: Partnered With The Existing PANS Clinic at Harvard/Mass General

    to expand multi-discipline clinical research and treatment protocol

Our Team

Battling CPAE takes a dedicated team of amazing individuals all coming together for the greater good. The PACE Foundation is eternally grateful for the continuing contributions of the following members.

PACE Partnerships

The PACE Foundation is proud to team up with the following partners in the fight against CPAE.

Banner University

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