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Was your child recently diagnosed with Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS/PANDAS)? Consider enrolling them in the ProPANS IVIG study.


  • 6-17 years in age

  • Onset of initial PANS/PANDAS symptoms was not more than 6 months prior to planned Screening. Or, for children with relapsing symptoms, the initial symptoms were less than 12 months prior to Screening and recurrence is within 6 months of Screening

  • Moderate to severe PANS/PANDAS with prominent and stable obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms

  • Do not have symptoms consistent with autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or any other psychotic disorder (unless psychotic symptoms have onset coincident with PANS/PANDAS)

*This drug has been FDA approved to address other conditions, but is not FDA approved for the use of addressing PANS symptoms in children.

For the full list of criteria and exclusions, please visit the clinical trial page.

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Study participants receive at no cost:

  • Access to a new IVIG study drug that may help with managing PANS/PANDAS

  • All participants will receive the study drug and placebo (no active ingredients). Participants will be randomly assigned to receive the study drug in either the first or second half of the study

  • Study support and study-related monitoring by a healthcare team

  • Education about PANS/PANDAS

  • The opportunity to help advance PANS/PANDAS research

Contact to Enroll

The ProPANS study will be conducted at a select number of medical universities and institutions.

For more information about enrollment or to find the site nearest you, please contact:

Snehal Udavat

Clinical operations at Octapharma USA, Inc.


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