CPAE and PANS Clinics

Having created a network of clinics across the US, PACE continues to partner with top universities and institutions where children affected with Postinfectious Autoimmune Neurological Disorders will be appropriately treated, and where the country’s top researchers and physicians can collaborate on best practices, research, and treatment options.

University of California
Los Angeles

Affiliated PANS Clinic

University of Arkansas

Children's Hospital - CPAE Center

Dartmouth University

Psychiatry Immunology and Neurology Group (PING)

Greater Regional Health Center - Iowa


Stanford University

Stanford Immune
Behavioral Health Clinic

The Hospital for Sick Children - Toronto

Paediatric Consultation Clinic

      New Clinics

      Our goal is to provide the best care and research possible to children all around the world.
      If you are interested in learning how to open a clinic, get in touch with us today.

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