Associate Professor, Clinical Director, Director and PI - Dartmouth University

Juliette Madan, M.D.

Dartmouth Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Center. Director and PI, Dartmouth CF Infant and Children Cohort. Director, Pediatric Psycho-Immunology & Neurology Group.


Dartmouth-Brown Medical Program, Brown University School of Medicine MD 2000
Tufts University Clinical and Translational Medicine Masters Program 2006


Research Interests: Dr. Juliette Madan’s research includes large-scale molecular epidemiology cohort investigations of human microbiome studies beginning in infancy expanding throughout childhood and adolescence, in the context of environmental exposures and toxicants, and in health.  Her research program aims to rigorously test associations between microbiome and metabolome development and human health, including neurodevelopment, and to apply this knowledge to the discovery of strategies for optimal health promotion throughout the lifespan. Dr. Madan spearheaded human microbiome research initially in high risk populations at Dartmouth, in both premature infants and when she created the Dartmouth CF infant and child cohort in 2009, leading longitudinal investigations of the relationship between the developing microbiome in infancy, immune training, and disease progression. Her microbiome program has expanded to include multi-omics and multi-directional investigation spanning clinical studies, mechanistic murine models and organoid/cell line models in collaboration with her multi-disciplinary research team. Dr. Madan joined the Dartmouth Children’s Center as its Clinical Research Director, expanding the microbiome research program to investigate the relationship between early microbiome development and health outcomes, including neurodevelopmental and neuropsychological outcomes (the gut-brain axis). Recent expansion of this work has included expansion of translational research as part of her Directorship of the Psycho-Immunology and Neurology Group at Dartmouth within Child Psychiatry.


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