Our Initiatives

Initiative 1

The PACE Foundation, as a strategic partner with the NIMH, the University of Arizona and Banner Healthcare, is pleased to announce the grand opening of the 1st Center of Excellence (COE) in the world focused on Pediatric Autoimmune Encephalopathy (PAE). The Children’s Postinfectious Autoimmune Encephalopathy (CPAE), opened it doors on August 30, 2016. The Center treats patients and conducts world class research on a wide spectrum of diseases (PANS, PANDAS and similar pediatric Autoimmune Encephalopathy disorders). Our goal is for the COE to open clinics throughout Arizona during 2017.

Initiative 2

We are proud to have partnered with one of the Leading Infusion Service Providers in the United States in an effort to secure additional strategic partners to lead a nationwide clinical trial for patients suffering from PANS & PANDAS. This initiative will involve several prominent Research Centers, a major Global Pharmaceutical Company and will be led by the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH). Check back soon to learn more about this exciting initiative.

Initiative 3

We are working with the Arizona State Legislature, the Office of the Governor of the State of Arizona, the Department of Health Services for the State of Arizona, the Translational Genomics Institute (TGEN) & the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) to support research funding designed to accelerate the development of diagnostic testing for pediatric autoimmune neurological disorders. This initiative will ideally lead to definitive test results for patients, enabling them to receive personalized healthcare solutions targeted to their unique needs.

Initiative 4

The PACE Foundation is excited to be working with the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) to facilitate cooperation across a group of 13 Nationally Recognized Academic Research Centers across the United States. This effort will help standardize training, education and treatment for patients suffering from Pediatric Autoimmune Encephalopathy (PAE) diseases like PANS, PANDAS and similar pediatric Autoimmune Encephalopathy disorders.

Initiative 5

The PACE Foundation is working to establish relationships with a number of leading Hospital Systems to help these organizations generate funding for the development of Pediatric Autoimmune Encephalopathy (PAE) clinics. This initiative is designed to make Pediatric Autoimmune Encephalopathy (PAE) clinics financially viable across the United States, allowing patients ready access to highly-trained specialists without having to wait months/years for initial evaluations.

Initiative 6

We are working with some of the largest health insurance organizations in the United States to establish objective criteria for the reimbursement of treatments that have proven clinically effective for patients suffering from pediatric autoimmune neurological disorders. Our goal is to provide patients and their families with the clinical guidance necessary to support reimbursement for treatments regardless of their cost.